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Accredited Online Programs

Jones International University - presents 100% internet courses meant for completely accredited, respected programs in the field of instruction plus management.

Accredited Online Programs

Upper Iowa University - is known as a recognized innovator with the providing of recognized, quality education.

Accredited Online Programs

has a array of internet schools with accredited online programs. These degrees stretch from associate degree, bachelor degrees, master programs, certificates, and diplomas. So if you are searching for graduate or undergraduate programs you will be able to locate them here.

Associate Degrees: Associate Degrees are commonly two-year programs planning the graduate for an entry-level status or employment upgrade into a career/technical discipline (AAS), or designed for transferring to a four-year curriculum of schoolwork (AA or AS).

Bachelor Degrees: Bachelor Levels are generally 3-4 year courses preparing the graduate in support of a higher-level position or employment upgrade inside your present job or professional discipline (BS or BA), or intended for transferring toward a master degree curriculum of study.

Master Degrees: Master degrees or Graduate degrees come in all types with the most common being MBA (Master of Business Administration). These accredited online programs are meant in direction of getting you into management or upgrading your current job. Master degree programs additionally include MIS, MS, MED, as well as various other majors.

Doctoral Degrees: A Doctoral program is the maximum level of education a individual would be able to obtain. This is the next move after your Masters course. You can find a number of schools offering accredited online doctoral programs.

Certificate Programs: Certificate courses vary from an undergraduate certificate to a graduate certificate (masters certificate) Subsequently depending on what sort of certificate you are seeking for we possess it listed below the certificate link on the left.

Diploma Programs: Diplomas in addition to certificates are a fraction of the price of a degree. Accredited online programs are similar to on-campus or in-classroom, and are generally taken totally on line through the online courses or by distance learning.

Accredited Online Colleges Accredited Online Colleges
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Featured College

University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix is an accredited university along with accredited online programs. Their programs consist of Business, Accounting, Administration, e-Business, Finance, Human Resources, Global Business Management, Integrated Supply Chain and Operations Management, Marketing, Organizational Innovation, Public Administration, plus Retail Management. University of Phoenix additionally offers Doctorates, Phd's, and MBA programs.


Featured College

Walden University

Walden University is for working people who require an advanced degree at the same time as maintaining work & individual commitments. Walden's accommodating, student-centered education will allow you to earn a master's or Ph.D. from the leisure of your house or workplace. Walden additionally offers accredited online bachelor degree programs.